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Who we are


Coming from very different surroundings, Jean-Michel and I have settled down in a small village in Alsace, close to the German border and 60 km north of Strasburg. We divide our weekends between the cat shows and our small orchestra, specialized in French and German popular music. We perform as well in ballrooms as at public or private events.

We took the decision to start a small cattery when we got our first stud. We were, and still are, completely under the charm of the combination of this marvellous wild look and that wonderfully balanced temper of the Norwegian Forest Cat.

Today our first objective has been reached : we have five promising cats : two males and three females .

The second goal is to breed big boned and well typed Norwegians, combining excellent coat quality with nice sized ears with tufts and a long bushy tail .
The matings of what we believe complementary partners will hopefully let us reach this objective.

In our breeding program, we have insisted on the integration of studs and queens of the best possible origin, with excellent temper and very sociable. This is , in association with our objectives regarding the look and type, necessary to guarantee the high quality of the kittens to be born.
Our cats, as well the adults as the kittens, have full access to the entire house as well as to the outside catrun and live constantly with us.

This is a summary of what we would like to achieve with our small cattery.